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Premiere Affordable Caterer in Southeast England
    ĎA Cherry On Topí catering company provides professional and friendly service
    Our clients and their guests are our primary concern.
    We work closely with you to provide an affordable and successful menu.
    We cater to our clientís specific menu needs.
    We take care of setting up, food service, and clearing procedures.
    We want you to have a carefree day enjoying your time with your guests.
    References are available for your peace of mind.

Sample Barbeque Menu Options
  Menu A     Menu B  
  Beef/Cheese Burgers   Marinated Chicken/Beef Fajita
  Jumbo Pork Sausages   Flour Tortillas
  Kebab Selection   Beef Tacos
  Sliced Fried Onions   Sliced Fried Peppers and Onions
  Leafy House Salad   Fresh Sliced Lettuce
  Spanish Potato Salad   Shredded Mature Cheese
  Richly Dressed coleslaw   Fresh Chopped Tomatoes
  Caesar Pasta Salad   Spanish Style Rice
  Selection of Baps   Salsa Fresco
  All Relish and Dressings   Sour Cream Filling
   NOTE: All paper plates, serviettes , table coverings, and cutlery are inclusive of costs.